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Apex Seamless Aluminium Gutters


APEX started in 1988 primarily as a roofing repair and waterproofing company. In the mid 90’s we added seamless aluminium gutters to our list of services. Today we are in the position to offer our clients a complete package ranging from Chromadek I.B.R & corrugated iron roofs, roof cleaning and painting, NUTEC fibre cement fascias, barge boards and eave construction plus of course our own APEX Seamless Aluminium Gutters.

As far as gutters are concerned we can offer you the following:

Box Gutters

Small Industrial gutter     125mm
Large Industrial gutter     150mm

OGEE Gutters

Domestic gutter     125mm
Industrial gutter     150mm


The Industrial box gutters are used for commercial buildings and factories with large roof areas and where large volumes of water need to be controlled. We also make use of aluminium box gutters for residential properties which have low pitched metal roofs. These aluminium box gutters are usually concealed behind fiber cement fascias or parapet walls.

NUTEC fiber cement & Vermont timber

We prefer using Nutec fiber cement Fascias, Barge Boards, Eaves Boards as well has VERMONT timber grain side cladding for vertical surfaces and these you will see in our photographs. 

Nutec fiber cement products have been around for at least 20 years. They are exceptionally strong and do not degenerate. Most important Nutec fiber cement products do not contain any ingredients that are hazardous to your health.

Our Services

Seamless Aluminium Gutters
Roof Repairs

Roof Painting
Roof Cleaning
Fascias & Barge Boards
Chromadek & IBR Roof Sheeting

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